Mod Podge Madness (89/365) #blogaday

In Spring 2016, I discovered Mod Podge and the art of collaging and decorating different things. I started with one of my record boxes and used various posters and vinyl sleeves to cut up and design it.

Also that year (same month I guess too haha), I decorated one of my cabinets in my room – but this time I used fabric.

I always wanted to decorate something else since then but wasn’t sure what item to use. Yesterday, I chose the planters we have on our balcony! We will have to be careful not to get water all over the pot when we water the soil because Mod Podge isn’t waterproof just strong.

First, I had find things that I could cut up to recreate a new image for the collage. I found different calendars that we had duplicates of or that I wasn’t going to use. Then I started cutting which is always fun – there were cats, dogs, and puppies as well as landscapes for the calendars. I also new I kept some pieces from when I decorated my record box!

Some of the strange “recreations” – the doll head, cat, dog on a bridge is my favorite but very creepy!

I got so sucked in that I didn’t leave the house all day yesterday 😮 But it is very focused and creative – I was listening to music or a podcast so it was nice to just be designing 🙂

I finished one side of the planter yesterday and want to do another side today (if not finish it) – there are two longer sides and two small sides since it’s a rectangle.

Close up #1 (What if dogs had human legs?)
Closeup #2 (I love the cat/dog mash, and the eyes with “remember” underneath!)
Closeup #3 (Mini kitty!)

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