Plans during power outages (99/365) #blogaday

As lights flicker, buzz, and go out, I freak out for a second (more the sound of the surge). Then it is time to come up with what to do!

Luckily, we have tons of candles – we were both using our electronics/WiFi with Nathan writing music and me doing some of my art class 😮

We have come up with many options in case this lasts a while! Playing a board game via candlelight, reading our books via candlelight, continuing to draw via candlelight – SEE A THEME HERE?!

Nathan is currently making dinner – our gas stove can be lit with our candle lighter 🙂 I might join him in making some food as well.

It’s good that neither one of us get frustrated or don’t know what to do during a power outage!

*taken with the flash to see Patches better*

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