Hurried into 100! (100/365) #blogaday

Today marks my 100th post in the #blogaday challenge!!

I can’t believe I have been writing every day since January so far in 2020 🙂 There have been lots of changes in my life and friends’ lives and of course, shelter in place for the last month…

It will be interesting to see where the next 100 days take me, and the final 100, and then the final 65 to end out the year!

I wanted to share either the post from the first day I started the challenge in January 2020, or maybe the first time I made it to the 100th post for the #blogaday challenge in 2015 on my other blog during graduate school.

But when I looked at them I didn’t feel like sharing those, so I decided to share some songs that have the word “100” in them instead 🙂

What songs about 100 do you like?

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