Cancellations on the calendar (101/365) #blogaday

This month is the start of where events or trips had to get cancelled due to the corona makes me disappointed that concerts, baby showers, and family trips are not happening that are on my April calendar.

My friend, Katie’s, baby shower was meant to be this past weekend but earlier in March, we got an email saying she decided to cancel to be cautious. Nathan’s parents were meant to visit at the end of the month, but they have cancelled and rescheduled for November. Jacob Collier, one of Nathan’s favorite artists, postponed his concert (we don’t know the new date) that was originally meant for April 21.

In March, there wasn’t much that changed from my schedule – we altered my flight for spring break to a week earlier, and then I drove up to not be on a plane. In May, there is another concert for one of my favorite artists, Jens Lekman, who cancelled his whole tour :/ In June, Nathan and I have a fabulous trip booked to Australia for the first time (we have not cancelled as of right now and are hoping life might let us go somehow!)

Now that things we had planned are no longer possible, I am beginning to notice the overall impact on the world around me. I really want things to be better and as close to normal soon 🙂

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