Top 12 Songs for March 2020 (plus a BONUS!) 102/365 #blogaday

March was an interesting month for songs because I did two trips (there and back) with two driving days (one day for 9.5 hours and one day for about 4). This means that I had WAY too many songs for my typical Top 12 Playlist – I listened to “All Songs Considered” as well as “Sound Opinions” episodes and I had about 5 for each podcast to catch up on!

I decided to do the first 12 songs that I had in my notes for the March list as the regular Top 12, and then create a playlist called Drive in March 2020 with the other 25 songs 🙂 They are all in the music sidebar to listen to, but I want to post a video for some of the songs that have become favorites and often on repeat.

These three videos are from my all-time favorite bands: The Decemberists, Overcoats, and Margaret Glaspy. Margaret and Overcoats released new records earlier in March, and I have been watching Colin Meloy on livestream during quarantine.

These next ones are from the Driving list: “A night like this” by Caro Emerald is from my zumba class that has now become livestream and the instructor told me the name of the song in March; “Animal in Man” by Dead Prez is a very cool song about the book Animal Farm from a Sound Opinions episode; “You know you’re right” by Nirvana is also from a Sound Opinions episode and it is an instant replay for me once it ends 😮

Please listen to the rest of the playlists while you are working from home, relaxing, cleaning or whatever! It is hard for me to only showcase a few of them ha – music is always gret for my mood whether to de-stress, dance, reflect or simply sign-along 😀

One thought on “Top 12 Songs for March 2020 (plus a BONUS!) 102/365 #blogaday

  1. I love Caro Emerald and that whole electro-swing/jazz genre of music.

    Most house/electronic dance music hits right in my wheelhouse, but I also love the jazz/swing music too, so it just makes me toe-tap when this comes up on my rotation.

    Thanks for sharing your list! Some artists to check out over the following month! 🙂

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