Recipes Roundup (103/365) #blogaday

I haven’t been cooking too many fancy dishes but I wanted to share some recipes that I have used so far!

I made this dish on Monday for Nathan and myself, which was delicious! The currants/raisins almost caramelize so there is a hint of cinnamon taste 🙂 Be careful about the first round of simmering – all the water boiled away and I had to throw out some burnt lentils before adding the carrots and green beans. It is a very simple recipe and full of vegetables.

The next recipe is for ramen that will warm your soul 😮 It was very rainy last week so I was craving some soup and this recipe only has a few ingredients! You used top ramen packets (without the spice packet), carrots, kale, and mushrooms with veggie broth. I would recommend adding a bit more flavor of some sort since it was subtle. Very yummy!

I’ll keep you posted on other dinners I cook! Let me know your favorite dishes in the comments 🙂

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