Show versus story (110/365) #blogaday

“Blessed be the fruit” and “May the lord open” have flashed before my eyes many times during this quarantine.

My friend left her copy of A Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood for me to read over a year ago now when she visited. Nathan and I were watching the TV show on Hulu as she was reading the book.

Due to working and being tired when I would come home, I have never picked it up. Until last week.

I am loving it! Atwood’s style and nuisance with the phrases really brings the horrific world to life. The mundanity of Offred sitting in her room for hours on end when she is not needed to go out shopping or for the ceremony stand true in the current 2020 situation.

Because I am all caught up on the episodes that Hulu has available, it is interesting for me to see how the story compares to what the creators of the show did. Surprisingly, season 1 is very close (I think they made a few changes) but I haven’t finished the book yet so maybe they will happen in the last 100 pages!

There is also an interesting prologue in the book in which Atwood describes the idea for the story and some similarities/differences between the TV show.

If you have not read or seen “A Handmaids Tale,” it is a must-read and must-see from me 😀

What are you reading while stuck inside?

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