Keeping myself in check (122/365) #blogaday

A little bit before the shelter in place was ordered, Nathan made a very detailed goal system for himself with working out, meditation, eating healthy, doing creative things, and more!

Last week, I decided to make a schedule to hold myself accountable for activities I want to do each day. My online art class and writing my story had fallen to the wayside for a few weeks, and I really wanted to get them back in the rotation.

I used “Goal Tracker,” which is an app on my tablet, and have working out Monday/Wednesday/Fridays (popsugar, my friends live workouts, and Zumba) then I placed in writing my story 3 days a week and doing my art class 3 days (I varied the start day so they aren’t on the same days), and interspersed reading and modpodge as well.

This is my first full week and so far, I like it 🙂 It is getting me excited to write again and letting me have more free will on the days where I don’t have any activities planned.

I have always been someone who likes lists and the physical act of checking something off makes me feel accomplished! What activities are you getting in to, and are you holding yourself accountable?

4 thoughts on “Keeping myself in check (122/365) #blogaday

  1. I was going to start a yoga plan this week and then my boyfriend got sick and had to stay home obviously. I am really self conscious about how badly I am doing yoga in the beginning now, that I can’t do it in front of him. Next week… I hope!

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    1. Oh no, I hope it isn’t too serious! Is there a space where you can close the door? But also, you are still learning and growing so it’s okay not to be good yet! And vulnerability can help you grow closer to your partner 🙂

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