Line dancing in my dining room (130/365) #blogaday

When I first moved here a few years ago, my friend and I wanted to try line dancing at some local country bars. We instantly fell in love 😀

We both danced a lot in high school and college so most of the dances are simple enough for us to pick up or learn! We also enjoy adding turns where we can if a dance is too slow or easy (in our opinions).

Anyway, we used to go out almost every Friday and dance – there is an instructor who teaches two songs throughout the night, and the rest of the time we request dances we like or just try to follow other people.

Last week, we discovered that the instructor is doing line dancing over zoom and it was so much fun!! It felt pretty close to being at the bars and I could see my friend the whole time which was nice. We learned some new ones and then she did some of our faves that night (out of coincidence). I am in the TOP RIGHT by the way 😉

There is also an added bonus to dancing at home – Patches loves to gently be bounced around so he got to be a star on zoom for a bit as well haha!

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