Nothing but Nature! (129/365) #blogaday

Nathan and I have made sure we go on walks every day during this shelter in place (with our masks on and staying away from other people the best we can). We have been mainly doing evening strolls because it was too hot during the day, like 90!

This past weekend, the hiking trails opened up again 😀 We were so excited! On Saturday, we made sure to go to a spot that we didn’t think we be too busy (it’s a less common place) – we only passed maybe 15 people. It was amazing being able to see the green of trees and the wonderful views and seeing animals 😮 We took our masks off when we didn’t see people for a while and it is so fresh.

On Sunday, we wanted to do one of the more main spots BUT it was insane and I got overwhelmed just seeing the number of people. So we went a bit farther down the road to a less travelled spot for a sunset hike 🙂 It was MARVELOUS

Being able to get out to actual nature (and not just the trees in the neighborhood) feels so great 😀 I hope you are able to do the same with safety precautions like a mask and moving out of peoples’ way.

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