Concerts on the couch (138/365) #blogaday

Above are two of my favorite artists (Sylvan Esso, and Margaret Glaspy) performing some of their songs from home. Still having music in my life really keeps me sane during these times when real concerts have been cancelled. I am glad that bands are trying their best to keep it all “normal” 🙂 Enjoy the songs!

2 thoughts on “Concerts on the couch (138/365) #blogaday

  1. Both good… I think I like Margaret better. It is so nice that many artist are doing shows on one source or another. These concerts from home really help us and them both. The only thing I can’t do right now is “pay” for the show… a couple I have watched flashed venmo or paypal acct names. I certainly understand that though… they aren’t working right now either.

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    1. Margaret Glaspy has a very nice feel to her songs and voice 🙂 Sylvan Esso are a bit more techno and sounded more raw with the at home setup they had. I haven’t donated either for the same reasons!

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