Sometimes life… (139/365) #blogaday

You know how people say if life gives you lemons? Well here is my version 😉

Sometimes life gives you a buffet of stress for breakfast. Isn’t it nice to have a choice of what to focus your anxiety on?

Other times, life may hand you a platter of success for lunch. You indulge and stuff yourself because who knows when this may happen again!

Dessert is always tempting, but sometimes life can serve you a dish full of difficult decisions.

Now, it is totally up to you to skip breakfast and dessert some days and focus solely on lunch.

But what if, your successes are filled with stresses and difficult decisions that you cannot help but eat them all? This will make your day sluggish because you are too full of varying emotions.

Don’t forget to have a mint flavored with mindfulness before bed to cleanse your palate 🙂

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