Cooking commotion (140/365) #blogaday

I have been taking pictures of most of the things I cook, and saving them for posts. I thought I would share a few different ones at once!

These were all things I’ve never tried before and involved following a recipe (either online or from one of my cookbooks) – it was very insightful and they were a success!

I have made breadsticks a few times, but not for years. The only time I made bread rolls, they were raw haha! These versions were scrumptious.

I have made meringues, but not a stacked cake and had done frosting before, but not covering meringues (this was fun and delicious)

(Sweet potato curry with zucchini and tomatoes)

I used to stray away from curries even at restaurants because I associated them with being spicy – and I need things VERY mild ha! But this dish was more about flavors than heat.

The most complex was the terrine because I had to grill bell peppers, steam them in a bag, and peel the skin off 😮

Lemon curd was the simplest surprisingly! You just mix together lemon zest, eggs, and butter than add the lemon juice and cook on low heat – here is the recipe I used which also had a video to help 🙂 Lemon curd recipe

What have you been making while at home?

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