Organizing: both outwardly and inwardly (141/365) #blogaday

After blogging for almost half a year (!), I realized that I have been putting lots of posts in the “real-life reflections” category that don’t actually fit the label.

I decided to create a category called “Nuts about nature” as well as “Slices of Life” to help break down posts into more specific categories. I might add one for “Creative Writing” since I am doing more posts with excerpts from my book, but that could encompass too many posts 😮

I put my music library on shuffle while working on this, and it was so energizing while also being relaxing! Songs that I hadn’t heard in a while as well as some that I have never listened to came on, and I was grooving at times and smiling by the memories.

Organizing always helps me with any anxiety and music can shift my mood in many ways, so it was a very beneficial few hours 🙂 I also realized you could edit many posts at a time, so I would just search keywords (nature, outdoors, SOL, etc) and then alter the categories – which made it simpler and more satisfying.

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