Raccoon Rhymes (142/365) #blogaday

Mmm…What’s that whiff I sniff?

I must find before I lose my mind!

Could it be over there? Where, oh where?

Dinner is near and I need food here.

Do they have some? Are they dropping any crumbs?

Drat! Why are they looking at me like that?

(Written for Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life challenge)

13 thoughts on “Raccoon Rhymes (142/365) #blogaday

  1. So funny!
    I love how you follow your guest, reading his/her mind along the way.
    Until you discourage them 😦
    Short and sweet. The two lines between pictures really works.
    Great graphic at the beginning- how did you find the perfect one?

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    1. I took the three pictures while on a night walk. The raccoon just appeared on the lawn next to us, and we stopped walking to capture the moment. Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. Haha there was only the one and it was while we were on a walk! Aww robins nest and rabbits are so cute 🙂 We have a hummingbird that comes by our balcony since we have flowers starting to bloom on our tree

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