Befriending a Baby Bird (148/365) #blogaday

Suddenly we hear squawking and

Together we open the door.

And see you, looking at us helplessly

Requesting some assistance.

Little baby bird stuck on the apartment floor

I creep towards you with a towel,

Nestling you and putting you near the ledge

Getting you to jump and land in the gated area below.

Breathing heavily but you are sitting calmly

Animal control said you will call your mom and fly away again soon.

Be cautious but bold when you feel ready.

You will be alright, I hope!

THE SCOOP: We have seen the mom feeding it worms a few times today and heard it call for her. As a fledging baby, its wings aren’t fully ready to fly for about a week. An update when I see it has gone 🙂

4 thoughts on “Befriending a Baby Bird (148/365) #blogaday

      1. Oh wow! Very protective. Luckily the mom of this bird didn’t appear until later in the day after I moved him to the pool area and he was chirping for her.


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