My Pet Patches’ Post: Day 7 of 15 Day Challenge (159/365) #blogaday

Mom told me that today’s question is meet my pet and I was so excited that I get to write a post!

My name is Patches and I am Hannah’s old man kitty. I love to meow about my day and relax outside on the balcony 🙂 I also like to sit and be wherever Mom is, which is often on the couch or the kitchen table.

My favorite food is cheese and anything with cheese in it (especially the wet food with cheese!), and I like water that has been previously sipped out of by mom 😮

I would love to meet any of your pets if they want to introduce themselves in the comments!

4 thoughts on “My Pet Patches’ Post: Day 7 of 15 Day Challenge (159/365) #blogaday

  1. Aww, Patches, you’re such a cute cat! I’m sorry but I don’t have a pet. But if I had a pet, I think it would be a puppy. Would you get along with a puppy? 🙂

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  2. I have two cats… a seven year old princess named Chevy and a younger cat that just wants to play with her named Clive. Chevy does not usually want to play though, she’s tired a lot. 😺😸

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