Whether or not you like the weather! Day 9 of 15 Day Challenge (161/365) #blogaday

Today’s prompt is about your favorite season. This is a tough question for me because it is all based on the “ideal” place for that season.

In a place that experiences all four seasons (leaves changing, snow, spring blossoms, and summer heatwave), I would say that WINTER is my favorite season – I love the feel and color of the world deep under snow as well as the activities that can be done! Building snowmen, bundling up in scarves and cute winter coats, or having peppermint hot chocolate are some of the best things 🙂

However, I currently do not live where the seasons are “regular.” Where I live now, I would probably say I like SPRING because the weather is usually a bit cooler (mid to high 70s), the flowers are beautiful, and birds chirp happily often.

Local birds tweeting 🙂

What’s your favorite season?

5 thoughts on “Whether or not you like the weather! Day 9 of 15 Day Challenge (161/365) #blogaday

  1. Sounds like your ideal place is Minnesota, where you would experience ALL of them! And the bitter winter, if you like a really tough one, like negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit and heavy snow in mid April. I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I moved to California! 😀
    My favorite season is summer in CA!

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    1. Haha wow! I have lived in Oregon for the winter but it would be interesting to see more intense versions 🙂
      For me, summer in California can be too hot – especially the 90s to 100 degree days… but I do enjoy the constant sunshine!

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      1. To me there is way less humidity in the summer in California than in Minnesota even though the temperature gets very high. Yes, I so agree, I really appreciate the constant sunshine! 😀

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  2. I like fall… cozy sweaters, you can still have warm days but cool nights for great sleeping weather. It is also apple season and the leaves are so pretty when they change. Halloween happens in the fall as does my birthday. Spring comes in a close second with similar weather. Then winter and finally hot humid summers is last.

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