Lessons learned: Day 10 of 15 Day Challenge (162/365) #blogaday

Today’s prompt is a recent life lesson you have learned. I thought this was originally pretty difficult when I looked at it..

I decided after talking it out with Nathan and going with my mood today that a life lesson I have learned is it’s perfectly fine to feel unmotivated and not push yourself sometimes.

During this strange lifestyle we have been in since March, there are days when I don’t feel inspired by any of the activities I normally like to do – and that is okay. It can be tough to let yourself have a day or two where you are just watching shows or sitting around; but if your mind and body need that to recoup, then let them have those moments.

What is a lesson your have learned recently?

2 thoughts on “Lessons learned: Day 10 of 15 Day Challenge (162/365) #blogaday

  1. Life is “value creation”. Now we are trying to find different alternative ways to do things in limited conditions. While we can take it in a negative way complaining, we have a choice to do it in more fun ways, finding “value” in each of it, like a new discovery. We could create brand new normality with it. I believe what is happening now is because the normal we had before was not right, so we must create new one for the better (with happiness, compassion, courage, human dignity, etc), which I mean is “value creation”.

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