Ghosts getting close: Day 11 of 15 Day Challenge (163/365) #blogaday

Today’s prompt is about a paranormal experience you have had. This one seems fun!

As a child, my eyes used to see visions in the darkness. I would swear that there were old women who would point somewhere or simply just stare. There was one particular elderly woman who wore a long green dress and was very frail. They never spoke to me but I could feel them in my room at night…!

In the home I lived in when I graduated high school, there were often creaks and strange bangs but no explanation. My parents would simply say “it’s an old house and the floorboards have air in them” – but nobody was walking over them because we were usually all in bed… 😮

Currently, I don’t think there are any ghosts in our apartment. But I’ve heard that having animals in your room when you sleep usually scare them off 🙂

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

5 thoughts on “Ghosts getting close: Day 11 of 15 Day Challenge (163/365) #blogaday

      1. It was a long time ago in Tokyo. I was living on the 15th floor of an apartment building where one day my family and I got to see Mt. Fuji beautifully from our window, which is very rare because Mt. Fuji is in another prefecture very far away from Tokyo. But since we lived in a place pretty high enough to see it when it’s a clear sunny day, that would happen once in a while. And the sunset was so beautiful over Mt. Fuji, then my mom all of a sudden said, “Look… isn’t that a UFO?” We didn’t believe her like “No, it’s impossible!” But when we looked at the sky, there were more than one things floating zigzag, showing up and disappearing, showing up and disappearing randomly. I think those were UFOs… 😮

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  1. I was in my early teen years when I was watching TV and it suddenly shut off. It was just me and my older sister home at the time and she was in her room when it happened. It really freaked me out. Later when I would visit my grandparents house I first heard the jingling of their pet dogs collar who had died. Then I heard my grandpa’s keys and him walking up the stairs after he passed away.

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