Beaming from Bats! (177/365) #blogaday

Today I discovered what I am calling my favorite album of the year! It is “Ultrasonic” by Field Works and various artists including Machinefabriek and Eluvium.

Stuart Hyatt from Field Works has recorded bats using echolocation and altered the frequencies to be sounds that humans can hear. Then, he sent these sounds to his friends, and they interpreted and orchestrated them to create wonderful moments of music and bats interacting 🙂

After hearing Eluvium’s song “Dusk Tempi” on All Songs Considered, I instantly listened to it twice more and then bought the whole album on Bandcamp while looking for an article explaining how the songs were made.

“A Closer Listen” (article)

Machinefabriek’s song really has the bats at the forefront. The clicking sounds of bat movement are competing and blending with the piano melody. It is just such a unique track and it brings me a sense of peace to know that those are bat sounds (which we are normally not able to hear)!

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