Camping and climbing! (195/365) #blogaday

Just to start..I am writing 3 posts for the camping weekend because my phone lived in airplane mode the whole time due to no service.

Friday 7/17

6:30 AM

Beep beep beep

Time to pack up the last things in the car and get on the road!

10:00 AM

We are instantly shocked by the beauty and expansion of this place 🙂

We go hiking and rock climbing after setting up our tent and sleeping bags.

The rest of the day is spent relaxing and staying out of the sun as it’s over 100 degrees.. 😮

Then nightfall brings a whole new calm and beauty!

We walk around, observing the changing scenery and make dinner as well as marshmallows

We are both so glad we will be here for two nights and three days 😀

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