Leave it to nature (207/365) #blogaday

While outside “drinking tea” with friends made of play-doh, I could not stop staring at this predator and prey action happening under the rafters.

It was so entrancing to watch for some reason!

These two tiny creatures who spun a death trap and caught dinner – but they are the barely the size of its eyeball.. 😮

I knew the big creature could not get free since the web was so sticky but it wasn’t giving up with all the twitches of its body as the one almost microscopic spider and the other (probably the size of my pinky nail) moved closer and even on top of its body. I’m not sure if either of them had a poison if some kind or were just waiting until it gave up.

I might have a sick mind that I was so distracted by this sad day for the bee but happy and huge meal for the spiders 😮

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