Struggling on my story (225/365) #blogaday

It has been a while since I shared a piece of my book – and to be honest, it has been a while since I wrote (probably pretty close to July 14 because that is the last post on “Crafting Creatively”).

I just realized that is over a month without writing more of my book..!

Since Nathan and I got engaged, my brain has been focused on that as well as my new job – there isn’t much room left for my story. I also go in waves of having ideas and wanting to write. I know that as a writer, you really need to sit and write SOMETHING every day or every week even if it is not going to end up in the book.

I need to become more strict with my writing schedule similar to my workout schedule I just implemented in order to actually have my book continue and the characters to go forward in their journeys.

I know it is going to be tough and feel like work some days because I will just be sitting and staring at the page, but it will hopefully allow me to come up with ideas faster.

Any tips? Much appreciated 🙂

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