Venturing into video games (228/365) #blogaday

Nathan and I have always like playing games together (board games, video games, card games, phone games, you name it!)

Nathan received an Xbox recently, as a gift from someone very kind, and we have enjoyed finding different games to play 🙂

The Xbox came with a Star Wars download code, and we also downloaded a Spyro game series because I loved to play that as a kid and Nathan hadn’t dabble much into it.

This weekend, we looked for some new games that were story or adventure based. There are thousands of options of course!

So we simply scrolled for a bit after sorting the games by highest rank, and found two that sounded great.

They turned out to be similar in the main plot – the world has been taken over by darkness and the main character must help restore light. BUT the back stories are different and the way that you fight or move varies.

We are playing “Ori and the Blind Forest” together by passing the controller back and forth every so often. I am playing “Child of Light” on my own since Nathan also is the main player on the “Star Wars” game.

I am excited to continue on in the adventures as well as possibly beating the games 😮

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