Setting a sleep schedule (234/365) #blogaday

Today was interesting in terms of Eva* not sleeping for very long or at all during her regular naps…

She was either woken up by some noise outside or just never really settled down to sleep. When I would try to rock her back after the short 20 minute snooze, she was struggling to not want the pacifier in or with eyes wide open.

She seemed exhausted during the first half of the day but wouldn’t go to sleep very easily (I had to rock her for about 45 minutes). And the second half of the day, she fell asleep for her nap in my arms but then fully woke up when I put her in the crib – as if I didn’t even get her eyes closed 😮

I am exhausted after the physical and mental constant of trying to have her nap VERY OFTEN ha.

Hopefully tomorrow she is reset!

(*not her real name)

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