Boogying on the big day (235/365) #blogaday

Songs to keep the dance floor buzzing can range based on the guests as well as the couple.

Some friends of mine have had a genre they (as the couple) really like playing while others have asked the guests to choose some songs for the playlist.

I feel like Nathan and I have a pretty wide range of music we like as a couple and some of the songs are very indie or “out there” that the guests might not know them or enjoy but we would be happy.

It can be tough to know but it is still early days! We can sort it out and do a mix of what we like and what our friends/family like 🙂

3 thoughts on “Boogying on the big day (235/365) #blogaday

  1. Hannah, Maybe Azra and Brittany would be good resources for reception music. I know when Azra passed out those big foam party hats, it added energy to the dance floor.
    Plan the Wedding that best represents Nathan and you!! You both (and your Dad) are the music officianados (is that even a word?).
    Let’s go with music Experts!!!!❤️

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    1. Nathan mentioned that he loved that Brent and Azra had silly hats, and wanted something like that at ours haha! I was thinking maybe glow sticks so we aren’t completely copying :p Yea dad has more artsy taste as well – some of our friends are more indie too so we want to encourage them to suggest non-generic songs for the dance floor. Can’t wait to get our dance on together 🙂 I’ll keep in mind reaching out to Brittany and Azra!


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