Learning through Legos (255/365) #blogaday

This week due to the fires, Eva’s older brother (who is four) has been home because his outdoor classroom setting is closed. While she is napping, I have been playing with him.

He is VERY into Legos, magnet tiles and any other things for building – I noticed that he needs symmetry in his designs (having one blue piece on each side or the tires all need to be yellow on a car).

It is interesting to observe that at such a young age, he is already detail-oriented and needs color coordination and order in his toy designs!

There is a great home video of me as a toddler where I am constantly knocking over our family friend’s tower of blocks haha 😮 I was not interested in building a tower with exactly five blocks on each side and two red ones in the middle.

This is what I love about being a nanny as well as a teacher – really seeing child development and how it can be different from each child with how they play and interact with the world around them 🙂

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