A Positive Perspective (254/365) #blogaday

Below is another section from my book! I am trying to get more into a routine with writing every week or a few times a week to keep from getting writer’s block. Let me know your thoughts in the comments if you like 🙂
Anneta awoke to her neighbors banging so loudly on her door that the whole house shook. The feeling was reminiscent of an earthquake with a sound like waves crashing on boulders off the coast. Ronald jumped down with his puffy, balloon-like cheek landing before the rest of his body. If you have ever had your wisdom teeth removed, you have a good picture of Ronald’s face current situation.

Anneta rushed to the door while realizing that her house was filling with smoke.  Mr. and Mrs. Lingsonburg only ever came by when they needed payment from Jeremiah. The Stane’s house was on the Lingsonburg plantation – it was a farmhouse that they never had a use for, which meant the rent was cheap. It was also at the edge of their property and their livestock could not venture that far out without the sheep dog wrangling them back. There was never an issue with cows going on a field trip. However, sometimes the donkey would slowly trot farther out to get the best apples from a certain tree that could be described as the start of the small Stane residence. Ronald has made it quite clear that this donkey is not welcome by gnashing his teeth and hissing a noise that would remind you of a garbage disposal. This donkey made Ronald mad the first time they met because he added some fertilizer directly onto the rock Ronald enjoys sunbathing on. There was no going back after that.

Frederick and Betty Lingsonburg had looks of shock mixed with disgust when they met a groggy Anneta at the now opened doorway.

“Don’t you know the roof is on fire?” Frederick scoffed in the most snooty way possible.

“Hmph. Our livestock and house are in danger if this grew any bigger.” Betty rolled her eyes at the impoverished state of this shack.

“I must have fallen asleep with the dinner cooking. I really should be more careful. Thank you for stopping by.” Anneta was not dressed for company and didn’t want to start a long conversation. She had a soot-covered apron on over an old frock and socks with more holes than wool on her feet.

“As my dahling wife mentioned, it wasn’t for you really. We were afraid for OUR crops and livestock and poor little Fifi if she had to chase the animals who were fleeing from a fire.”

With that, Frederick opened up his elbow in which Betty tucked her arm, and they strutted off. Betty’s blue parasol and the faint sound of Frederick’s cane tapping were the only things left after about eight minutes.

“Well Ronald, I really need to think of something. I can’t let our house burn down. With us in it.”

Ronald glared at her with one eye since the other was already shut from the bee sting.

“Let me get you a cold cloth to help with the swelling, little puff.”

She swept him up in her arms and turned off the oven as she walked to the sink. She grabbed a bucket and filled it with water to pour on the thatched roof a few times to smoulder the flames as well. 

As the water was running, Anneta started to daydream about the early years of her marriage. She used to go to the market every week and start her mornings off with sun salutations at dawn. Their small plot of land was once full of crops like squash, beans, radishes, and beets. Ever since Jeremiah did not return, her life has felt empty and meaningless. But it didn’t have to. Sammy had gone on some sort of quest, and it was time for Anneta to pick up her heart and mind off the ocean floor and make positive changes.

She threw out the socks with holes as she changed for bed. A new pair would need to be sewn tomorrow after her sunrise greetings.

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