Noticing the nature (253/365) #blogaday

When you go on a hike, you are usually entering a different domain and environment than what is around your house. There is a habitat that thrives whether you come for a stroll or not. To be honest, it probably prefers that people don’t come as often to walk through.

Nathan and I drove out of the city today because the air quality isn’t great due to fires – we found a really great spot to hike a little less than two hours drive from where we live.

Right away, there is a hawk or falcon (wasn’t too sure) sitting on a telephone wire waiting for its prey to move below. It really reminded me that we are in the animals’ turf and we must be aware of our surroundings.

Then there were so many lizards and woodpeckers that we flutter or slither away as would walk.

We were warned of the last critter by hikers coming back from the end of the trail. It was very unique to see one just lying on the heat of a rock and enjoying being mostly hidden!

I love getting out in nature but always remember that animals live here 24/7 and you want to disturb their lives as little as possible 🙂

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