Choux pastry should be puffs! (252/365) #blogaday

I have been wanting to try to make different baked goods because I usually bake bread or some bread variation – I have also been experimenting more lately with frozen goods.

BUT I have never made profiteroles which involve Pate A Choux. I know it is tricky from watching baking shows and hearing all the tiny things that could go wrong 😮

Today I decided to go for it 🙂 I found this article that has an amazing breakdown of all the things that could be messed up: from it not rising in the oven to it being too wet as well as to how cool to make the flour, salt, water, butter mixture before adding the eggs. I mean it tells you EVERYTHING!

Perfect Choux Pastry

The part I think was crucial for me was when to know if the dough is ready with adding eggs – the author stated to use the “finger test” which involves making a trough in the dough and seeing if the sides fall in (they did not so I stopped adding eggs). This part was something I would never have known since it is tricky just by eye.

I followed the step by step recipe after reading the sections of possible troubles, and going back and forth for certain sections. They turned out delicious and puffed up every time each tray went in the oven 🙂

I made a simple chocolate whipped cream using heavy whipping cream, sugar, and cacao powder – I didn’t want to try a creme patisserie since that is a whole another challenge ha!

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