Top 12 Songs for September 2020 (274/365) #blogaday

I can’t believe another month has blown by – AND YET, I am so ready for the holidays and a mental break with family!

Since it is October, the Top 12 September playlist is ready 🙂 I don’t think I put up the songs for August on the blog so I will post both months tomorrow after work.

Some of my favorite artists put out records or released songs this month including Sylvan Esso, Tuneyards, Flaming Lips and Fantastic Negrito. I also listened to Songhoy Blues and Confidence Man again (which has been a while) 😮

I hope you enjoy the songs!

“Rooftop Dancing” Sylvan Esso

“Badala” Songhoy Blues

“Numb/encore” Jay-z and Linkin Park

“Monte Carlo” Tuneyards

“Monsters you made” Burna boy

“I’m so happy I cry” Fantastic Negrito

“I’m a sinner” Bette Smith

“Clean kill” Coriky

“Like a song stuck in my head” Cocktail Slippers

“Catch my breath” Confidence Man

“God and the policeman” The Flaming Lips

“The beginning and” Roomful of Teeth

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