Slice of Life Tuesday Time! (275/365) #blogaday

I realized last night that it has been AGES since I remembered to post on Slice of Life Tuesday 🙂 This is a challenge on Two Writing Teachers to write a “slice” and post to their blog and comment on three other posts.

This quote was the inspiration that was posted today and I am going to let it lead what I write!

I really like that you need to enjoy what you are experiencing in order to add more to it. I never really thought about creativity in that way – it makes sense that you are able to think of extras because you already love either everything or at least parts of what is around you.

Tonight I planned to write a poem with imagery and meaning and hidden messages (but time got away from me after work – I was home later than anticipated). But I strive to write it tomorrow because I love the life I lead and want to contribute something powerful.

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday Time! (275/365) #blogaday

  1. It has been way too long for me too, Hannah. I sliced today and haven’t for many months. I love the way you reflected on this quote. And never judging yourself, just striving to get up the next day and do it! Good luck!

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  2. Welcome back! It really was a great and inspirational quote to use as a springboard, which you did so well. So many things get in the way of the writing we really want to do – what strikes me is how you wrote anyway, even if something different than what you planned, especially this line I love most in the whole post, quote and all: “I love the life I lead and want to contribute something powerful.” Writing is a giving back to life – ours and others’. Powerful, indeed!

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