Computer Concerts (298/365) #blogaday

I will be writing TWO posts today (one for February and one regular daily)

One of my favorite artists (Margaret Glaspy) had a virtual concert yesterday and I just watched it on my phone!

She was in a music hall with only the essential people to make it work (sound crew, videographer, producers, etc). I purchased a ticket as well which made it feel like a real concert 🙂

She sang a mixture of songs off her new album, “Devotion,” as well as her first, “Emotions and Math” and then one cover of Lucinda Williams.

off her new album, beautiful!

It really brought me back to the two in-person concerts of seeing her. I saw her with Nathan before we moved and with a friend 😮

cover of Lucinda Williams

Of course, I wish it was at a venue! Something about the atmosphere and environment of music lovers and singing along with her and the crowd is such a thrill.

off her first album

However, it filled a void of seeing live music and for her to perform (she mentioned it a bunch how great it is to be on a stage).

One thought on “Computer Concerts (298/365) #blogaday

  1. There is nothing like being at a live show… this is as close as we can get now. I have seen a couple of live feeds through facebook and youtube. It is not the same but it is still a chance for music and I will take all those chances I can get.

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