Post Predicament (297/365) #blogaday

In the tune of “Grease Lightnin”

This year, blogaday became..



Not ecstatic

But that’s post writing!

No, post writing, it’s tougher than I thought to count

Post writing, no post writing!

No, post writing, how could you do this now

Post writing, no post writing!

I missed some posts, and need them most for post writing

I realized over the weekend that I would not have the correct number of posts for my 365 #blogaday challenge.! So I had to figure out where I went wrong and found that I had a duplicated number as well as missed a few in February. I thought writing a fun song in the tune of “Greased Lightnin” would bring light to the fact that I have to write a few more posts to be accurate 😮

Here is a link to the real song Grease Lightnin!

#SOL20 (slice of life from Two writing teachers)

2 thoughts on “Post Predicament (297/365) #blogaday

  1. What a creative way to share a blog post! I remember visiting the set of the movie at our local high school when I was a kid… must have been five or so. Every time I hear Grease, it takes me back. One of my favorites and a great tune to pick for your post. Good luck on your 365 day goal!

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