Favorite Find: Theo Alexander (306/365) #blogaday

I always find solace in instrumental music through which you can envision being somewhere else.

I really get lost in the circling rhythms and come out with a sense of calm when listening to Theo Alexander. It feels like I am just sucked into the ocean and surrounded by whirling waves and wind that just envelope me in a way that nothing else around matters.

During these months of mostly isolation, it is important to do what you can to stay calm and find inner peace. Music is always a way for me to change the mood I am currently in – it can take some time to find the right song or genre sometimes. Re-listening to “Re;waiting” by Theo Alexander while creating my October playlist is just what I need right now. Especially with the election day(s) coming to a close FINALLY, calming music that transports me is perfect.

I hope you can get the same level of de-stress from this song 🙂

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