Ways to “Ease” the Election Tension (305/365) #blogaday

As most of you know, today is Election Day.

Since many of the ballots are mail in and polls are just starting to close in some states, there is lots of waiting involved (possibly even until tomorrow or later this week!)

I have been distracting myself by putting away the dishes, showering so far – I plan to do yoga and may read my book. All of this with the “Live Election coverage” on in the background muted. It is a very slow process, and until major states start coming in, not much can be said.

How are you trying to stay distracted? Or does it help best to solely focus on the current media coverage?

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3 thoughts on “Ways to “Ease” the Election Tension (305/365) #blogaday

  1. I am staying off social media and TV news coverage! Peeking occasionally at Google’s live election results, but otherwise focusing on work and home and holiday shopping, lol.

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