Addiction to the Action (314/365) #blogaday

Since I don’t post on social media very much, I find myself constantly checking a picture or post that I put out there to see how it was received 😮

I feel very silly but it gives me such gratification when other people appreciate or give kind words for something.

Especially with the most recent social media post, people started commenting fairly quickly and so I have this urge to keep track and write them back haha.

Anyway, I will try my best to not get a big head about engagement photo comments!

3 thoughts on “Addiction to the Action (314/365) #blogaday

  1. Both good pictures but I love the first one! My daughter and fiancé have decide it is just to much of a risk with covid to have the wedding in January they were planning. So they are going to find a justice of the peace and then later do the ceremony and reception. I know she is disappointed but it is the right decision I think since the whole state is a “hot spot” now.


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