The right chapter to write (327/365) #blogaday

It has been a very long time since I sat the typewriter and let the story flow from my fingers and mind.

I was finding it difficult where to go next in terms of the main characters who are on a quest. I had written some chapters for the more secondary characters, but even that was probably a month ago.

I decided to re-read what I had written so far to see if it sparked an idea – I was also making sure that details I had noted earlier on weren’t getting skewed throughout the book.

I honestly forgot some sections and found myself enjoying the book and characters again! Yesterday I was doing housework and Saturday I was out most of the day, BUT I want to try this week (maybe today) to write the next section with Sammy, Dierdre, and Cheeky.

I noticed that I wrote there was a month until Sammy’s birthday when her father didn’t return from his last voyage, and then the last section with her mentioned it had been a tough month and she couldn’t turn back now. SO I think the next logical chapter is to have her birthday occur.

I’ll keep you posted and possibly share that section soon 🙂

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