Organizing ensures peace of mind (326/365) #blogaday

I wrote two today because I didn’t write one Friday and only wrote one yesterday

Every time I opened the cupboard, I was stressed out by the bottom shelf… it was far too cluttered and we had duplicates of ingredients as well as things with barely anything left.

I decided to buy a shelf unit and get to organizing!

The organizing process also involved putting the shelf unit together so I played some music while doing it 🙂

First, I took everything out from the bottom of the cupboard and thought of a plan. I started seeing that the smaller items were for mostly for baking.

The top shelf are ingredients like baking soda/powder, corn starch, various extracts and food coloring.

The middle shelf has food that goes into baking like chocolate chips, walnuts, marshmallows, as well as fondant and luster dust. And the last drawer has bigger things like potatoes, as well as popcorn kernels and cocao nibs.

Then came to how to put what was left back into the cupboard!

I decided to have the various sugars and flours in the back with the oils and condiments on the left side and breakfast fix-ins on the right.

I literally took a sigh of relief and smiled when looking at the result 😮

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