Singing Sticks (MARCH SOL 1/31)

I am the nanny of a young toddler (15 months now).

For the past few weeks, she kept saying the phrase “woah woah”

When I would repeat it, she said “yeah yeah”

I had a small recollection of it being from this CD we listened to in her room.

BUT it had been months since I played it for her.

It amazed me that the phrases in the song have become part of her daily babbling and dialogue!

I guess you never know what will stick in the mind of a child who is still learning language 🙂

12 thoughts on “Singing Sticks (MARCH SOL 1/31)

  1. Oh how cute! Language development in littles is intriguing. Funny how you can understand what they say and you eventually become a translator for those who don’t spend so much time around them.

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    1. Exactly! Her parents might not know why she says that because they don’t play that particular CD as much. I love sharing stories with them and my fiancé who only met her when she was still not talking (so to him it’s all shocking ha)


  2. I used to work in a daycare with 14-24 month toddlers. It was so funny the things that they would say! You really never know the extent of what sticks with them. It’s an amazing thing to watch and be a part of!

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    1. Fun! I did the same thing – and if I left for a few months and then came back to work, the toddlers had grown so much into walking and talking if they didn’t before! So much can change from month to month


  3. Hi Hannah!

    Babies’ brains are like a sponge that absorbs so much! She could even learn another language now as well as English!

    It’s so great that you’re participating in this month-long SOL challenge this year too! So am I. Looking forward to reading more of your posts this month!

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