Monotonous Memoir (MARCH SOL 2/31)

Life –

What changes from day to day

seems trivial when things mostly stay the same.


Relax at home




Without the weekends as a big shift, it’s all one big haul.

Life –

Needs more of an effort for something to feel special

Simple things must become the daily shift

How will I make each day seem distinct?

5 thoughts on “Monotonous Memoir (MARCH SOL 2/31)

  1. You nailed pandemic life perfectly! That is my goal — to make one day different from the last. Being a writer helps because we are always on the lookout for story ideas. You never know where one hides!

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  2. It’s astonishing how very similar the days are now. It’s made this feel like the longest year ever–and also feel like almost no time has past since last March. I’m thinking more about your final question and wondering how we can make each day seem distinct.

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  3. I agree wholeheartedly. I am looking for those special little things. The cold weather makes it that much harder. I love your last question. I need to think about that. How do I make each day seem distinct?

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  4. You caught the feeling of this pandemic! Hard to tell the days apart and thank goodness for the weekend… for change. And your right… we can look and look but it’s the simple things that can make all the difference.

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  5. Yes, the sameness of the days can be disquieting, especially as a retiree. You captured that and remind me to find something special in each day. Writing helps so much and we get our second vaccine on Saturday so things will change a bit.

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