Habits Happen (MARCH SOL 1/31)

Sssttruggling through to the starting line.

Sssttepping into the writing saddle once again.

Sstopping myself from wimping out.

Stretching my wings and soaring into my 7th year!

Sorting through my days to think of posts to be written.

Starting off with a grudge and needing a nudge – but I know I’ll feel great once the month is up 😀

Slice of Life for March is a must!

12 thoughts on “Habits Happen (MARCH SOL 1/31)

  1. Love the cat photos so much! I sliced this morning with a lap full of cat. Always the best way to write! So much to love about this first slice of the month–the crafting of each line, the repetition of sound, the word play of “grudge and nudge”. And of course how it exactly captures how I feel today. I also needed a nudge to write! Looking forward to those quirky cat voice posts too (just saw your comment at Julieanne’s blog)!

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  2. I love your repetition here. Stepping, starting, stretching, sorting. This is a challenge for us all. There are days that won’t be easy but I’m so excited to dive in. Live your sweet cat too.:)

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  3. Another blog I’m stealing: a blog about my cats! 🙂

    It’s good to “see” you again! Your writing makes me smile and this blog certainly was no different! Just remember, it’s like riding a bike. You may crash, but here, we’ll pick you up, dust you off, and push you forward again!

    Happy Slicing!

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