Bonding in mysterious ways (2/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

My friend: “shall we do a fantasy league where we choose 3 and get points for who makes it to the end?”

Me: “I’m making everyone color-coded charts and will plug in the categories for points so it’s easy to track”

A few weeks ago

“I’m choosing S, G, and R as my team!”


“S, you get that rose!”

“Woo! G got the date!”

Last Tuesday

“I’m the only one who has all three ladies still here to win the Bachelor?!”

I have never really been into reality TV, but this has been very fun (especially since I’m in the lead hehe!)

Something about adding a competition as well as being surrounded by friends (wearing masks of course) has made this show more enjoyable..still feels odd to say ha!

*please no spoilers if you also watch the show mentioned above* (for other readers more than myself as I’ve seen tonight’s episode and am caught up) 😀

3 thoughts on “Bonding in mysterious ways (2/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

  1. It’s the comfort of company, the element of fun and the possibility to take mind of of every day stuff that you are writing about. Enjoy!

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  2. What show is this? I recently watched Singles Inferno on Netflix and it was the first time I ever watched a dating reality show. I had PTSD following it. The betrayal is searing. I don’t judge people for watching these shows, but my suspicion about its affect on me was accurate.


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