Important dates (7/31 March SOLSC) #sol22

March 6 was our anniversary when we were not married.

March 6 meant we did something special or gave each other a token of our love.

March 6 was the day you asked me to be your girlfriend in college 9 years ago.

March 6 now still clicked with both of us.

March 6 now was acknowledged with a smile, but nothing planned.

March 6 now is closer to a regular day of the year, with a hint of past occasions.

March 6 before 2013 meant nothing to either of us.

It is strange how dates like birthdays and anniversaries are only special to the people who know them.

Old anniversaries when your relationship shifts from girlfriend/fiancé to wife still feel some pull but you know deep down that the wedding date has replaced the girlfriend date with a whole new level of importance.

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