From my “purr”-spective (6/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

Meow to all of you March slicers!

Yesterday was mostly about me, so I told mom it was my turn to do the daily writing.

From my “purr”spective, it will only from how I understood the day.

My morning sun time of relaxing on the bed was interrupted abruptly.

I was put into the little blue box and then the moving metal mobile.

I asked mom what was going on a few times, and she kept saying “this will help” and “we love you.”

Help me with what? Of course, I love you too.

Then, I was taken by a strange person with no mouth and wearing matching top and bottom clothes.

After a while, the people inside this strange building kept telling me, we are going to call mom to check about this and that.

I got very sleepy of all the talking and some prodding of my personal space.

I came back out in the little blue box and everyone was happy to see me. I wanted to give mom some cold shoulder because I didn’t know why I went to that place.

She said something about helping me do one of my bodily functions..hmm ok? I guess I need help?

Happy to back home now and we shall see if I need to be swept off again.

9 thoughts on “From my “purr”-spective (6/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

  1. I have three cats, three kids, and a husband. We all give our cats voices and speak for them. It is kind of our thing! I love this slice and writing from your baby’s perspective. Love!

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  2. Thanks for this! I visited my cousin yesterday and while I was walking up to his apartment, a black and white cat was staring out of a window below his place. I felt really observed. Extremely seen.

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