Great to be back (5/31 March SOLSC) #sol22

This week, one of favorite restaurants that closed during 2020 reopened!

We were so pumped to see how much was similar, and if the live music and unique vibe was still there.

Tonight, we went back and were walked down a long outdoor patio (it was there before but not as extensive or decorated).

There was a jazz trio playing Frank Sinatra style songs which we enjoy.

The menu shifted quite a bit, including the burrata salad we usually ordered. BUT the drink I loved was still there and tasted as I remembered!

We haven’t been here since 2019, but it was often our happy hour spot and I’m so pumped it’s back 😀

13 thoughts on “Great to be back (5/31 March SOLSC) #sol22

  1. Isn’t it refreshing to see some normalcy returning? I’m glad your spot survived. So many didn’t, and even those that did are having trouble keeping workers. Nice picture of your drink – the way the light hits it is pretty!

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  2. I haven’t been to many restaurants at all the past two years. I think I’m ready to return to some of my favorites, too- thanks for the inspiration! Cheers!

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  3. It’s so refreshing that so many things are back! We are returning to normal in some ways and not so much in other ways. Hold on to those little sweet spots that you love.

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