Songs I enjoyed in January (12/31 MARCH SOLSC #sol22)

The beginning of 2022 has been pretty nuts in terms of my schedule.

I usually have time to create my top 12 playlists each month, but I haven’t finished February yet and January has about half the songs downloaded to my phone.

I always keep the song titles and artists for each month in my Notes until the playlist process is complete, SO I can post the 12 songs for January as my slice today.

I often get my music from podcasts, but some of these are from fun records and tape cassette I received or purchased as well!

– “blues legacy” john Coltrane

– Surfers stomp” the markettes

⁃ “grandfather clock” the male chorus of Robert Shaw chorale

– “I got loaded” Lil Bob

⁃ “Here lies love” Mr Undertaker

– “Bipp” Sophie

– “Bunny is a writer” Caroline

– “So may we start” sparks

⁃ “Chaise longue” wet leg

– “Scratch card lanyard” new long leg

⁃ “Boomerang” dawn Richard

⁃ “My name” the highwomen

What songs have you been listening to lately?

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