Tied to technology (13/31 MARCH SOLSC #sol22)

As I write my post today, my apartment is being vacuumed.

I am still sitting in one spot on the couch.

My husband is taking a nap.

Even though you may think he is talented from his writing, my cat is also taking a nap in one spot.

And yet, dirt is being sucked up around the living room and kitchen.

How is the apartment getting clean you ask?

No, we do not have a housekeeper.

No one else lives here with us.

We have entrusted a robot with zooming around the floor for an allotted amount of time.

We have named it Louie (my boss’s are called Hewey and Dewey). I have also named it RAWRMBA.

I have become accustomed to just turning it on and then enjoying some relaxation.

I did vacuum by hand and moving my body into each room months prior when we did not have our robot friend.

The thought of vacuuming without the roomba is annoying now.

It’s crazy how after a few months of using something that makes a weekly task multitudes better, you can barely imagine doing it the simpler way.

Technology, you have won again. Robots are the future in some ways, and I’m okay with the vacuum. Not all robotic or automatic devices just yet however.

8 thoughts on “Tied to technology (13/31 MARCH SOLSC #sol22)

  1. I have friends that use the same device and they love it! I can’t switch to that yet as I love the control in vacuuming the “old fashion” way. I can ‘t trust that the machine will get every spot.

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    1. It does sometimes clean in the some area for a long time or misses a little bit that was in the corner but I can just send it around again or pick it up and move it. But I do get the personal touch of cleaning by hand


  2. I love my Roomba! I use it mostly in my bedroom, but I use it every day and it brings me much joy to walk into the bedroom and not have to think: I need to vacuum tomorrow.

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  3. It sometimes clears the area for a long time or loses a little bit in the corner. But I can send it back or pick it up and move it. But I get a personal touch of hand cleaning.


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