When a puppy visits the vet (16/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

Coworker: Hey Hannah, can you help hold this pup while I give him vaccines?

As my arms are holding the teeniest Maltese puppy, I start to wonder what it is thinking as it squirms.

Why are you holding me still?

Can’t you see that needle he is trying to poke me with?

I’m not holding my arm out for that!

Hmm I’ll try this food I suppose – ouch! He got me in my back leg..

Ooh yes, pick me up! I love cuddles and to lick your face.

Now you’ve wrapped me a towel, lay me on my side, and still try to put my arm towards this needle. Grr I’m getting mad.


Oh good I’m back being picked up and being carried out the door to my people 🙂

I’ll still give you kisses because it doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

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